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Success Story In Wundwin-Sone Kone village

Daw Tin from Sone Kone village, Ywae Thee village group joined SVS micro finance project on 9th March,2014. Daw Tin added first loan ( 80,000) MMks  to capital investment of small shop. After 6 months, she purchased a pig worth (70,000)  MMks with the regular profit from small shop and could also repay the loan for (14) days cycle. After 5 months, the pig was sold out with (2000000) kyats.

Moreover, collective cash from second loan from project and profit from sales of pig was used to invest in chili business. After the chilies season, the investment is particularly used to breed goats. Currently, third year loan (120000) kyats is withdraw to purchase one pig and residual cash is invested into expansion of small shop. As an advantage of micro finance project, the capital increase fo small shops and currently owned (15) goats. Therefore, she expresses great thanks to SVS and she is interested to operate together.


Village group                -     Ywae Thee

Village                           -     Sone Kone

Member                         -     Daw Tin

Name of group              -     Thazin 

Group focal point          -     (1)

Membership start date -     9th March, 2014

Current loan type          -    Normal loan (120000) MMks

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